What I Learned From Seeing Chopra & Oprah Live

Sandra Keros

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to see Oprah Winfrey interview Deepak Chopra live at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Seeing Oprah live in person, I could sense that her vibrant energy and enthusiasm were sincere. To me, she is one of TV's most shining examples of someone who knows who she is and is living out her purpose.


Deepak Chopra has truly mastered some of the simplest yet hardest questions we can ask about ourselves and spirituality. Watching him tackle and explain tough matters with ease and grace was really impressive. I was truly in awe of the power of being in their vicinity and seeing them together on stage.

One of the things I valued the most from being in the audience was learning the 7 Questions To Lead You To Your Soul Profile, as told by Chopra. After he rattled off these questions - too quickly for any of us to write down - he had requests from high up in the stands to repeat them. We all knew they were key to helping us to more deeply understand ourselves and what we're here to do.

Oprah said it took her 2 days to answer the first question, "Who am I?". At first, I thought that had to be an exaggeration. But then she quipped, that she didn't start out answering with the obvious, "I'm Oprah Winfrey". She explained - and I agree with her - that the "real" answer to the question, is not about one's career or credentials. It's also not even about playing a role such as a wife, mother or father.

In the past, this question would have totally stumped me and I would have felt embarrassed, even just to myself. It would bring up so much anxiety and feelings of inadequacy because I focused on stuff that I used to compare myself with other more "successful" people.
So I got my first "Aha'gasm" (a term coined on this show;) this morning before getting out of bed while contemplating the fact that it took Oprah two days to answer "Who am I?". Thoughts started coming to me quickly with my own answers. It was super early but I was excited; I jumped up and started effortlessly handwriting 15 pages of my answer plus lots of other stuff too into my journal (I never made it to the other questions). It seemed like the whole Chopra/Oprah experience unlocked something in me that had been begging to come out for years. It was like I realized for the first time - without the chains of my self-doubt - that I don't need to hide who I am or what I'm good at any more. I am enough, as is.




Pondering "Who am I?" before now was such a friggin drag. It inevitably came with the pressure of defending the ebbs and flows of my life and career. No wonder I evaded answering the question before! This time, my pen started to flow with what I believe are my character strengths and the kinds of things I've been able to do my whole life without a whole lot of effort. Why this was so hard for me before? I was wearing such dark sunglasses of self-doubt and self-imposed harsh judgement that I couldn't see beyond them.


It occurred to me while I was writing that answering this question might also mean contemplating the kinds of traits that I want to be remembered for once I am gone. The obvious advantage is that I get to write the story of me NOW in a way that really reflects the lighter side of me, not the side that hopes others think I'm some kind of "perfect". Bah! This way of approaching this question gives me way more freedom to be me, and is way more real.


I am so grateful for having the chance to see that show live - it gave me so much more than I bargained for. No need for further delay, here are the 7 Questions To Lead You To Your Soul Profile.


NOTE: I encourage you to pause after reading each line, don't just rush down the list. That way, the intensity of each question will really sink in and get you primed for contemplating each one on a deeper level:


1. Who am I?

2. What do I want?

3. What's my purpose in this life?

4. What sort of contribution do I want to make?

5. What are my unique skills?

6. Who are my heroes?

7. What is a meaningful relationship—what do I expect from one, and what do I give?


What do you think of these questions? Have they ever stumped you or do you feel clear about your life and your mission. Please share - I'd love to know your thoughts!

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