Workout Tip: Easy, Good Habits

Sandra Keros

Ever miss a workout? (Na, never, right?).

Because life can get hectic at home or on the road, I have found it invaluable to keep a monthly calendar just for my exercise routines.

Unlike prior years, I didn't carry my workout calendar habit forward for 2011 until I realized just how much I really missed the feeling of accomplishment I had every time I wrote down what I did.

At anytime I can assess - without judgment from anyone else - whether I need to kick myself in the pants for slacking off, more of a challenge because I'm bored, or need to lay off because I'm tired from overdoing it. Honesty and motivation...from one simple, little habit.

Now that I have downloaded monthly calendars for the rest of this year, I wanted to share the free download-able calendar that I use so that you can log your own workout journal in a binder or folder.

Remember, exercise outside as much as possible and enjoy whatever it is that you do!

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