What's In Your Basket?

Sandra Keros

There's no doubt about it ~ an integral part of what makes a healthy body is healthy food.

That's why it's so important to question where your food comes from. Even at places like Whole Foods, who is trying to get better at sourcing local ingredients, there's nothing like talking to the produce guy/gal who knows the farmer who grew the beets you're about to buy.

I grew up in the Detroit suburbs and as far as my parents know, the best place to shop was at our local Kroger supermarket. My parents told stories at the dinner table about when they were growing up how they used to go shopping at the baker, the butcher, the cheesemonger but that the supermarket was a game-changer. Mom would go on about how chicken actually had flavor and that on any given night most people made pork roast.

Back in the '70's when we were growing up, my mom had very little interaction with anybody at the supermarket during her weekly shopping trips, as do most people now. Still to this day, most Americans are so disconnected with where our food comes from. To many, this may not seem like a problem...until you get the runaround with the healthcare system (hey, that cured me!). That's why if you're like me and are open to the fact that better food is a big part of the solution to our healthcare woes, you have to question where your food comes from.

That's why my favorite place to shop - outside of my own garden and the local farmers' market - is at Bi-Rite Market in San Francisco. It's a true goldmine of fresh, healthy, DELICIOUS food. I don't know what I would do without it!

Every employee at Bi-Rite puts their heart and soul into sourcing and knowing about the very best foods and ingredients they sell. Their butchers know the farmers that provide their meat. They also know the fishmongers that bring in their local, sustainable fish. They know how to select the freshest fruits and vegetables and which farm they came from AND how far it is from the city. They know several tasty ways to cook different cuts of meat, types of fish or veggies too - all you have to do is ask.

That's right - just ask! No need to be afraid or stumble around how to make that rib roast - you can ask someone at Bi-Rite knows what they're talking about and cares enough to give you the right answer! Best of all, they are inspired to continue to educate themselves on what quality and types of ingredients are truly healthy and they strive to provide it in everything they sell. Dang, if you live in San Francisco you simply have to shop at this place at least once!

That's why I'm excited to endorse Bi-Rite's new book coming out with recipes and tips on how to shop wisely, which you can pre-order now. Check out the video below, and if you haven't already, by all means check out the store! Enjoy and let me know what your favorite place is to shop.

Bi-Rite market is at 3639 18th Street between Dolores & Guerrero in the Mission District of San Francisco. They are open from 9-9 seven days a week. (415) 241-9760

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